Try the FREE SAMPLE lesson

Try the FREE SAMPLE lesson
September 28, 2017 No Comments Drone Training,FAA,Training Events Tim Trott
Want to earn the Remote Pilot Certification to legally use your drone commercially?

You'll need to pass the FAA Remote Pilot Certification exam. To prepare for that exam you will need to study the twelve areas the FAA lists in 14 CFR §107.73.

The FAA has provided a list of Airman Certification Standards for teaching and testing FAA-S-ACS-10 - Remote Pilot Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Airman Certification Standards. The Drone Professor's course was built using those standards and the referenced resources.  The ACS is replacing the Practical Test Standards (PLT Codes), providing a more detailed reference system for testing areas.

Some Remote Pilot Certification courses claim to have “Real FAA test questions”. The FAA DOES NOT make test questions public. Why? The FAA wants pilots to learn by UNDERSTANDING, not MEMORIZING. The FAA does provide a SAMPLE exam.  HERE IT IS . The questions are TYPICAL but they are NOT the “real” test questions. The Drone Professor helps you gain an UNDERSTANDING of the study areas. When you understand HOW to answer the sample questions you should succeed on the FAA exam.

There are quite a few courses teaching for the Remote Pilot Certification. Do not restrict yourself to one course, even this course alone. By all means, take advantage of as many study resources, sample questions or flash cards as you can find and afford, and also be sure to review the resources and references.

Knowledge is the foundation of safety, and study is the building block of knowledge.

About The Author
Tim Trott Tim Trott is an FDLE certified instructor (#329775), and Certified Remote Pilot. and also passed the FAA Fundamentals of Instruction and Ground School exam and was granted one of the first 400 Section 333 Exemptions. As a writer, Tim has two e-books on, including Droner's Guide (#15 in its category) and UAS Operations: A Study Guide for the FAA Remote Pilot Certification Exam. On-site training courses are available through Tim has taught FDLE courses at School of Public Safety at Valencia Community College in Orlando, Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy in Tallahassee, and Gulf Coast Public Service Academy in Panama City.