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Exception for Limited Recreational Operations of Unmanned Aircraft
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FAA AC 91-57B  is of interest to hobby drone operators and law enforcement responding to drone complaints. The updated Advisory Circular includes a number important changes. Visual Observer: Visual observers need to be co-located with the recreational flyer, and able to communicate directly with the recreational flyer without the use of technological assistance. This

Drones by the number (FAA)
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Drones are amazing inventions — they’re changing the skies and the way we think about the future of flight. At the FAA, we share a common goal to facilitate the safe integration of commercial fleet and recreational drones into the National Airspace System (NAS). Along the way, we’re making history in real-time together! Check out

Revisions, Updates and Corrections – §107 Study Guide
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  As a result of student feedback we have been advised of issues with Version 19 of my FAA 107 UAG Remote Pilot Study Guide, in the print and e-book editions. The currently available editions (Rev 20) contain the corrected items. Amazon Print Edition corrections rev 14: (6 x 9) Correction: Page 132 Correction: Page