Are Drone Operators “Pilots”? What about BVLOS?

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Are Drone Operators “Pilots”? What about BVLOS?
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FAA changes COA web site: UPDATE
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The entry point for what was known as the E-COA application process at the FAA web site has been revised and is now identfied as CAPS. However, the FAA stresses the online COA itself process remains essentially the same. The FAA responded to our specific questions as follows:

FAA: Aeronautical Chart Users Guide Revamped
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(Source: FAAST Blast — Week of Nov 13, 2017 – Nov 19, 2017) Last month, the FAA’s Aeronautical Information Services (formerly, “AeroNav Products”) released a revamped Chart Users Guide (CUG). The CUG website offers improved navigation, updated information and expanded content, ranging from a more robust IFR Enroute & Terminal Terms section, to the addition of