Questions missed on the FAA Exam

Questions missed on the FAA Exam
February 25, 2017 No Comments Instructor's Corner Admin

The following are Pilot Learning Test codes for questions some students have missed on the FAA UAG exam:

PLT040  Interpret Airspaces Classes - Charts Diagrams
PLT059  Interpret METAR/SPECI report
PLT061  Interpret PIREP
PLT064  Interpret Sectional Chart
PLT127  Density Altitude
PLT161  Airspace Classes, limits, requirements, restrictions, airspeeds
PLT194  Collision avoidance, scanning techniques
PLT271  Human Factors (ADM) judgement
PLT323  NOTAMS, classes, information, distribution
PLT328  Peformance Planning aircraft loading
PLT345  Pressure altitude
PLT370  Air Traffic Controll authorizatoin
PLT393  Controlled restricted airspace - requirements
PLT399  Display/inspection of licenses and certificates
PLT493  Dynamics of frost/ice/snow formation on aircraft
PLT511  Weather associated with frontal activity
PLT512  Weather, temperature, moisture, dewpoint

Please share the PLT codes of questions you miss on your exam so we can pass along the information to our students.

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Admin Tim Trott is a Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) certified instructor (#329775) and has passed the FAA exam for Fundamentals of Instruction. In addition, he holds a Section 333 Exemption (#11636) and is a member of Flight Instructors of North America (FSANA) as well as AUVSI, AMA and AOPA, and is also a student pilot.