FAA Webinar Series -How to Apply for an Operational Waiver (6/18/18 – Risky Business)

FAA Webinar Series -How to Apply for an Operational Waiver (6/18/18 – Risky Business)
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If you were not able to sign up for the FAA UAS Waiver webinar series, here are the recordings.
(Source: https://www.faa.gov/uas/resources/webinar/  also linked as  www.FAA.GOV/go/waiver)

June 5, 2018: Where's My Waiver? Find out what is involved in the waiver application process and learn how to apply for what you really want.

June 19, 2018 Risky Business
Successful waivers include detailed risk assessments. Learn how to identify hazards, assess the risk they pose to your operation and develop methods to reduce the identified risk. Watch the webinar.

July 10, 2018,Just the Facts
The importance of good data to support your proposed operation and safety case is key to successfully applying for a waiver. Learn why Requests for Information positively support your application, and what not to do in your safety mitigations.

July 24, 2018,The Dark Night – Part 1 (See also: HERE)
This two part series will dive into the waiver application for nighttime UAS operations. FAA experts discuss The Waiver Safety Explanation Guideline (WSEG) in detail and provide guidance on how to successfully address the questions. Tips for identifying nighttime hazards and mitigation strategies will be covered.

July 26, 2018,The Dark Night – Part 2 (See also: HERE)

August 7, 2018,The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (See also HERE)
Using real examples, this session reviews what a successful and unsuccessful waiver application looks like.

August 21, 2018,Beyond Visual Line of Sight  (See also: HERE)
Why is this so difficult to obtain? This episode focuses on the "holy grail" of waivers. Is it impossible? No. Will it take more effort than applying for a night waiver? Definitely.

September 4, 2018,Operating Limitations: Altitude
Learn how to fly above the 400ft altitude ceiling with an operation limitation (altitude) waiver.

September 18, 2018,Operations over People
Why are there so few approvals for this waiver? In this session, we address the mitigations necessary to ensuring your operation doesn't endanger people on the ground.

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