FAA – Alternative to Biannual Testing under consideration.

FAA – Alternative to Biannual Testing under consideration.
April 10, 2017 No Comments FAA,Instructor's Corner Admin

At a meeting in Tallahassee, Florida recently a representative from the sUAS Educational Outreach POC indicated the FAA is considering an alternative to the biannual testing for Remote Pilot Certification renewals. Under the plan described, remote pilots would could choose training classes in lieu of the testing. Whether the credit classes would be offered online, at FAAST events or in other forms was not indicated.

The renewal system the FAA describes would be familiar to many state professional license holders. The idea makes sense if the goal is to encourage continuing education for operators and increase safety awareness. The idea has merit and makes sense. The training classes would place the emphasis on safety and education instead of memorizing answers to a limited bank of test questions. 

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