Understanding LAANC for Drones

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LAANC (pronounced “Lance”) will provide part 101 (hobby)  & 107 (RPC) UAS operators a streamlined solution to enable real time automated notification and authorization. That will reduce the time from up to 90 days down to almost instant approval. Implementation began with 50 airports in the fall of 2017, and will expand to completion expected in September 2018.

LAANC will also provide a means for drone hobbyists to notify air traffic control when they plan to fly within five miles of an airport, a requirement expressed by Congress in 2012 FAA re-authorization legislation.  The LAANC roll out is in progress.

This overview will provide the student with an introduction to the LAANC system.

Current LAANC providers:

The FAA hopes to add a total of 12 contractors to the LAANCE system.

LAANC Roll-Out:

– South Central USA April 30, 2018
– Western North USA May 24, 2018
– Western South USA June 21, 2018
– Eastern South USA July 19, 2018
– Eastern North USA August 16, 2018
– Central North USA September 13, 2018

Course length: 15 mins

Prerequisites: None
Quiz/Test: None

Here is more information from the FAA web site: https://www.faa.gov/uas/programs_partnerships/uas_data_exchange/

Section 1Introduction to LAANC
Lecture 1Understanding LAANC for sUAS (Drones)
Lecture 2Additional information and resources
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