UAS Night Operations

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(REVISED 12/21/17) The objective of this training program is to present the physiological effects associated with night flying, as well as mission planning considerations for night operations.

Night operation involves a number of hazards and considerations not encountered during normal daylight flight operations. Night operations should not be attempted without preparation and training in the various hazards and precautions necessary for safety.

This course material is based on information from public FAA resources. This course is not represented as being an official or approved FAA training program and is provided for the purpose of general information.

Section 1Night Operations
Lecture 1Night Operations Environment
Lecture 2Eye Structure
Lecture 3FAA Pilot Safety Vision videoFree Preview

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Lecture 4ReferencesFree Preview


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  • Gleim Flight/Ground Instructor FAA Knowledge Test, 2016, Gleim Publishing, Inc. (PLT 220, 333)
  • Pilot Vision Handbook (FAA AAM14)
  • Light and Dark Adaptation by Michael Kalloniatis and Charles Luu
  • WebMD/vitamins
  • Night Blind Spot illustration:
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