Introduction to Drones for Public Safety

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Introduction To Drones

Unmanned aerial vehicles (“drones”) are actually not really new at all. Remote control model airplanes have been around for a long time. The AMA (Acadmey of Model Aeronautics) was established back in 1936, but remote controlled aircraft date back as far as 1918.
“Drones” gained a negative image with their recent military use, but the stigma of the word ‘drone” has largely worn off over the past few years with the proliferation of hobby and commercial models. This video provides a background of the history of RPA (remotely piloted aircraft) with a look to the potential for their application now and in the future.

What is the connection between Marilyn Monroe and Drones? You’ll find out in this video presentation.

Presenting: the History of Drones, from 1918 to present, with emphasis on Public Service applications (Run time: 30 mins, no test)


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