Camtasia 9: Extended Training for Instructors

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E-Learning provides and immense opportunity for teachers and trainers, and Camtasia® is an excellent tool for creating video and online training and demonstrations. These advanced lessons build on the basic skill levels to explore the advanced features and capabilities of the Camtasia platform.

This training course is designed to help students learn how to teach and demonstrate visually with TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio 9.


This training is designed for presenters, educators, marketing and communications professionals, content and couresware developers, e-learning developers, multi-media developers, instructional systems and subject matter trainers.

Camtasia can be used to generate video to instruct how to use software, provide customer service, create corporate safety training programs, produce orientation presentations or simply to create educational training resources.

On completion the student will have learned how to answer questions with screen recordings explaining how to use software and Web sites, post PowerPoint presentations on the Web, complete with Picture-in-Picture for virtual learning, demonstrate features and new versions of software, Web sites and other applications, and rollout online training to the entire company and let them learn at their own pace.

Level 2: (Extended Training)

  • Using multiple screens
  • Inexpensive noise cancelling
  • The Production Machine
  • Setting up your home network
  • Project Files
  • Recording in one take
  • Webcams and Picture-In-Picture
  • Batch-converting audio
  • Bulk File Zipper
  • Drawing Basics
  • Creating a GIF with Camtasia
  • Customer Service with Camtasia
  • Factors affecting Interactive Video
  • Embedding your video in WordPress
  • Table of Contents and Self-Hosting interactive content
  • Hot Spots and Daisy-chain
  • Surveys and chaining
  • Picture-in-Picture and the Color-Out Tool

This course demonstrates Camtasia 9, but the functions and processes are common to both the earlier and any later revisions Camtasia

This course contains 20 advanced lessons.

Section 1Camtasia Advanced
Lecture 1Camtasia Advanced 01: Using Multiple Screens
Lecture 2Camtasia Advanced 02: Bring your PC to eye level
Lecture 3Camtasia Advanced 03: Inexpensive noise cancelling
Lecture 4Camtasia Advanced 04: The Production Machine
Lecture 5Camtasia Advanced 05: Setting up your home networkFree Preview

Lecture 6Camtasia Advanced 06: Project files
Lecture 7Camtasia Advanced 07: Recording in one take
Lecture 8Camtasia Advanced 08: Webcams and Picture-In-Picture
Lecture 9Camtasia Advanced 09: Batch converting audioFree Preview

Lecture 10Camtasia Advanced 10: Bulk Zipper
Lecture 11Camtasia Advanced 11: Drawing basics
Lecture 12Camtasia Advanced 12: Before you hit "record"
Lecture 13Camtasia Advanced 13: Creating a GIF with Camtasia
Lecture 14Camtasia Advanced 14: Customer Service with Camtasia
Lecture 15Camtasia Advanced 15: Two important factors about interactive videos
Lecture 16Camtasia Advanced 16: Embedding your screencast com video in WordpressFree Preview

Lecture 17Camtasia Advanced 17: Table of contents and self hosting interactive content
Lecture 18Camtasia Advanced 18: Hot spots and daisy-chain
Lecture 19Camtasia Advanced 19: Surveys and chaining
Lecture 20Camtasia Advanced 20: Picture-in-picture and the Color Out tool
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