A Practical Guide to Webcasting

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A Practical Guide to Webcasting

Once upon a time broadcasting required a million dollars in cameras, studios and processing electronics. Now video programming can be accomplished with a few cameras and a computer, simple dedicated hardware or just a smart-phone.

From the Super Bowl to video gamestreamers, from church services to government meetings, from trade shows to software support, from political shows to newscasts, to regular online “shows” and corporate meetings, Live Webcasting is changing the media world. Live “shows” are popping up everywhere online. More and more national networks are streaming live shows on YouTube Live.

Trade shows are now offering “virtual tickets” online to keynotes and other sessions, surprised to find live streaming webcasts actually INCREASE on-site event attendance. There are now live webcasts of funeral services and weddings, where travel for participants may be difficult or impossible.

In this course we will define Webcasting terms, and we will explore Webcasting Options, Delivery Options, The Production Meeting, Setup and Equipment.

We’ll also look at what can go wrong, and a few of the applications for Live Streaming and Webcasting.


Who Is This Training For?

If you are considering getting into webcasting, if you have experience in video production or radio, if you are involved in drama, sports, church services, a political group, if you are a trade show or convention event coordinator, instructor, or anyone else interested in knowing more about live production or live webcasting, this course will introduce you to the basics. Some of it may seem “over your head”, but we will at least provide you with an overview of a new and emerging technology.

Television production itself is a much larger topic, involving things like the “180 Rule” and lighting, camera shots, “Rule of Thirds” and a lot more. Books on television production are generally large and expensive because good television production involves a lot of elements. But television is also an art, and art doesn’t always stick to rigid rules, and rules are known to evolve.

This video class runs 27 minutes and there is no exam but there is a Resources PDF.


Section 1Introduction to Webcasting
Lecture 1
Section 2Webcasting Terms
Lecture 1Webcasting Terms
Section 3Webcasting Equipment
Lecture 1Webcasting Equipment
Section 4Webcasting Options
Lecture 1Webcasting Options
Section 5Streaming SolutionsFree Preview

Lecture 1Streaming SolutionsFree Preview

Section 6Delivery Options
Lecture 1Delivery Options
Section 7The Production Meeting
Lecture 1The Production Meeting
Section 8Webcast Stetup
Lecture 1Webcast Setup
Section 9What Could Go Wrong??!!
Lecture 1What Could Go Wrong??!!
Section 10Webcast Applications
Lecture 1Webcast Applications
Section 11Demonstrations/Illustrations
Lecture 1Tim Trott Productions Webcast Show ReelFree Preview

X-Keys 128 Planning Form

Lecture 2V-Mix Lower Thirds DemonstrationFree Preview

V-Mix Lower Thirds Demonstration

Lecture 4Live Production SampleFree Preview

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