Updates and Revisions to the Professor’s UAS Operations e-Book

Updates and Revisions to the Professor’s UAS Operations e-Book
May 6, 2017 No Comments FAA,Instructor's Corner,Training Events Tim Trott

A customer found two incorrect answers in the sample test in the e-Book version of the UAS Operations Study Guide. The answers to questions 15 and 20 will be corrected in Revision 11 when approved for publishing by Amazon. . Please contact us to let us know of any other errors or corrections in any of our publications or online courses.

About The Author
Tim Trott

Tim Trott is an FDLE certified instructor (#329775), and Certified Remote Pilot. and also passed the FAA Fundamentals of Instruction and Ground School exam and was granted one of the first 400 Section 333 Exemptions. As a writer, Tim has two e-books on Amazon.com, including Droner’s Guide (#15 in its category) and UAS Operations: A Study Guide for the FAA Remote Pilot Certification Exam.
On-site training courses are available through TrainingForceUSA.com. Tim has taught FDLE courses at School of Public Safety at Valencia Community College in Orlando, Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy in Tallahassee, and Gulf Coast Public Service Academy in Panama City.