COA (CAPS) Course Update/Revision

COA (CAPS) Course Update/Revision
March 10, 2018 No Comments Drone Training,FAA,Public COA,Public Safety,Training Events Admin

The Drone Professor's course on preparing a Public Safety Certificate of Authorization/Waiver has been revised, updated and expanded.

Late last year, the FAA replaced the original E-COA online application process with CAPS.(COA Online APplication System), adding a problematic sign-up process. The system itself is geared to an audience familiar with aviation, but many who will be tasked with filing the application may not be. We try to bridge that gap.

This new hour-long course is compiled from information gathered from various FAA sources and resources and assembled in a way that attempts to demystify much of the process, with tips on avoiding pitfalls. For example, on one screen there is an instruction to send documents to a linked email. However that link contains an extra period at the end, so that when the unaware sends their information to that email address it comes back as "undelivered message", which the sender may not notice. There are several other examples in this course of ways to avoid frustration and mistakes.

Public COA or Part 107? This course contrasts these two paths open to Public Safety Agencies. What kind of COA? Blanket, Jurisdictional or Emergency? And how do they connect? What is a Con-Ops? What is required for the Declaration Letter? This course will answer a lot of those questions, and those planning to file for a public COA will find this training course useful in meeting that challenge.

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Admin Tim Trott is a Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) certified instructor (#329775) and has passed the FAA exam for Fundamentals of Instruction. In addition, he holds a Section 333 Exemption (#11636) and is a member of Flight Instructors of North America (FSANA) as well as AUVSI, AMA, AOPA, ALEA, and EAA and is also a student pilot.