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DJI Introduces Specific Government Edition (update)
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Government agencies use drones for some of their most important work and have stringent information security requirements. DJI meets those needs with the new DJI Government Edition hardware and software solution, exclusively for government agencies. DJI Government Edition offers our most advanced security measures, ensuring governments can perform their essential drone work confidently and securely.

Secrets to Passing the FAA Drone Exams
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Want to score higher on your the FAA 107 UAG Drone test or the Recurrent (UGR) exam? These are the questions many people are getting wrong, from Tim Trott, “The Drone Professor”..

FAA revises AC 91-57 with new rules for hobby/recreation drones
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An updated advisory circular 91-57B published May 31 spelled out more clearly the new rules for hobbyists, referring readers to the agency website for updated details on limitations, and also provided more detail on the plan to move forward. The FAA will continue to require registration and prohibit recreational drone flights within controlled airspace outside